Ferner (Kannada matrimony App) & it's beliefs, ...?

we are an odd team in this matrimonial landscape, and we have quite a few different beliefs. let's see what makes Ferner and what we really are at our core.

We do not share your mobile number & email with anyone, so you are going to miss the fun of answering to completely strange peoples, which starts from, 

  • Is your house is registered in your name or your father’s?

  • How much dowry you are ready to give?

  • Before marriage, you should buy a flat in city center, which we like, so you       both could be happy?….

  • (and the famous one) you should be lucky to marry our son/daughter?, even though you are hearing the voice for the first time in your life, and have no idea who the hell is their son/daughter is. And we are sorry to rip off those fun-filled moments of match finding.'

You could able to start the chat, only after you liked them & they liked you, till then no way anyone could contact you.

Like you, we hate call from customer service forcing to sell their premium membership & whatever the junk they have, just because you have registered, so you do not get one more excuse to come out of boring meeting or your friends lecture. And in fact, we don’t have such thing called premium membership / standard membership.

We don't like to charge our members on monthly basis (irrespective of whether they got matches or not), instead, we use 'Pay to start, chat with Mutual liked' model, where our trusted users have to pay, only when there is a mutual match & they wanted to proceed further by starting chat (and have we told you? our charges don't cost more than popcorn in a multiplex).

'Till you got a mutual liked match, we don't charge you a paisa', and we always stand by this model.