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Care to be taken while using online matrimony App/Sites.

Finding a life partner through the internet has become more prominent in the modern-day world, so the risks & dangers associated with it. But there are more genuine members looking for marriage through online route & the chances of finding a better life partner is high here, so unnecessary worrying about the worthiness of members is not a good option, however, some precautions have to be taken.

Let us see, how you could protect yourself against the fraud while finding matrimony proposals,

  • First thing first, avoid registering in Kannada matrimony sites which share your contact details to every paid member and choose the Kannada matrimony service provider, who never share your contact details to anyone.

  • Before liking any member profiles, check the profile details, if the details mentioned in the profiles seem fishy (for eg. in profile it is mentioned that member lives in Bangalore, but earns in USD, come to India to find a girl & marry & will leave to abroad, within a week and within that time, marriage has to be completed, etc.), avoid those profiles.

  • Once you mutually like the member, continue to chat for a minimum of 15-30 days, before the meet and do not rush to proceed.

  • Never share your phone number & other important details to the member on the matrimonial App/site, till you meet them in person. Further arrange a meeting after a few days of chat in public places/home, preferably with your friend or family member.

  • Be cautious about the members, who ask mostly about your property & financial situation and with no second thought avoid them.

  • No Genuine members will ask for money and monetary & other benefits, if anyone asks for the same, report the profile to Ferner Support (, and end the conversation.

  • Generally, fraudsters will be wickedly nice & they say ‘Yes’ to whatever you say, with no opinion of their own, so if you come across someone like that, take quite extra care.

  • Before committing further, do a thorough check about the member, by visiting their house/workplace & have a family meeting.

Finally, choose a better matrimony service provider who never shares your contact details with anyone and the service, which doesn’t allow anyone to contact you even through the app, before you like the member. And by the way, if you don't know which the app is, It is Ferner – Kannada Matrimony.

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