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What makes Ferner - best Kannada matrimony app?.

To be prank, there is nothing special about what we make (we are just doing age-old match-making / matrimony for Kannada brides & grooms), but it's all about how we make it.

Let’s see how other matrimonial sites / Apps work?

  • You (per se anybody) purchase a three-monthly / half-yearly plan, they will let you know contact details of some 40–60 profiles, then you could call them & proceed further. So, if someone else purchased their packages, they also share your contact details (you know, you are not special to them, so is your privacy) to the subscriber along with other 40–60 profiles, from here the fun begins and you will get a call from random peoples about your matrimony and even they make the proposal, without you having no idea, with whom you are talking.

  • They have dedicated customer service to disturb you every now & then till you purchase any of the three-monthly / half-yearly plans whether you found someone you like or not?.get something done.

How Ferner works?

  • We never share your contact details (E-mail, Mobile number) with any members, no matter whether someone is premium or not (In fact, we do not have the concept of Premium / Standard member).

  • Our Sales representatives never call you, to sell premium membership (as a matter of fact, we don't have any).

  • Till you like someone, no one is able to contact you, and even after you mutually liked a member, they could contact you through the app only (means your contact details will not be shared at all).

  • We do not have monthly plans, we will collect a small fee, once you wanted to start to chat with your mutual match, till then do not bother you with payment.

So here we are, inviting you to join the new age Kannada matrimony app to find the brides / grooms, you are looking for with ease.

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